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Total Eclipse of the Sun

Holy smoke! This is an event that hasn't happened in such magnitude for approximately 38 years: a total eclipse of the sun visible over large swaths of the United States. Here in Lake Charles, peak vieiwing time (70% coverage) is at 1:20 PM. Other areas of the country are having more sensational moments, with viewing being more optimal., The Midwest, for instance, is getting the lion's share for a large part of the day.

But before I sound like a weather reporter--as I don't have the qualifications in that field--I'll also mention that the radio has been playing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" nonstop today--certainly during my trip dow nthe I-10 Corridor to McNeese State, and probably still! Funnily enough, I also heard that eclipse-themed song from the film production of Little Shop of Horrors...which I actually like a bit better than the former song.

If you go out to see the eclipse today, be sure to wear proper glasses! You'll know these things when you see them: they're like wearing a welder's mask! Okay, I'm off to go view the greater coverage...happy viewing!

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