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Against the Dark Cover.jpg

Against the Dark: road poems (written with James Benger)

(Stubborn Mule Press, 2019)

Benger and Sheldon team up for this split investigating the power of life on the road. With the focus of high beams on country roads and the squealing tires of sudden veering, these poems will take you for a ride you won't want to end.

Advance Praise

"As much an existential buddy trip as On the Road, Against the Dark is an engaging imagined travelogue . . . beat, gritty, and open-hearted. Although we pass through smoky hotels and Mexican diner dives, in the end, it's about the open road: 'foot on the gas / another bug on the glass.'" 

-Kevin Rabas

Poet Laureate of Kansas, 2017 - 2019

Author of Like Buddha-Calm Bird



More Praise for Against the Dark

"If Sal Paradise knew how to drive and Dean Moriaty wrote poetry and the both of them were suffering from Existential dread this would have been the book that resulted. This is one of the most intriguing books of poetry that I have read recently. A great book by a couple of great writers."

-John Greiner

Author of Turnstile Burlesque

"The alternating poems fit together as easily as a conversation between two friends . . . wonderfully balanced with wit."

-Alarie Tenille

Author of Waking on the Moon

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