selected poems

The Coop: A Poetry Cooperative - Bird-Honest, Murmuration

s.under press - After Valentine's Day

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature - Two Poems

Cybersoleil Literary Journal - Three Poems


Foxglove Journal - Salamander Dream


Heartland! - It's Only Kansas, Everyone is Dying


Konza - Four Poems


The Map of Kansas Literature - Five Poems

Minute Magazine - Closely Guarded Secrets, Ghost Story

MockingHeart Review - GuitarAfter Long John Silver'sFive PoemsThree Poems

Now Then Manchester - First Hunt

Red Eft Review - My Students' Wheelbarrows

Yes Poetry - Party of Harlequins


The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature - Snow

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature - The Clay


MockingHeart Review - The Rhythm Business: Receptivity, Feeling, Craft, and Perspective in William Stafford's Writing the Australian Crawl

Tinderbox Poetry Journal - Review Essay of Kochman and Onusko


MockingHeart Review - Ted Kooser

MockingHeart Review - Clare L. Martin

MockingHeart Review - John Warner Smith

MockingHeart Review - Gillian Wegener

MockingHeart Review - Bill Cushing

selected reviews

Tinderbox Poetry Journal - Michelle Reale's Season of Subtraction

Tinderbox Poetry Journal - Antonio Sanchez-Day's Taking On Life

Tinderbox Poetry Journal - Kevin Rabas's Everyone Just Wants to Drum

Tinderbox Poetry Journal - Wyatt Townley's Rewriting the Body

MockingHeart Review - Melinda Palacio's Bird Forgiveness 

The Los Angeles Review - Kai Carlson-Wee's Rail

MockingHeart Review - Allison Joseph's Confessions of a Barefaced Woman

The Los Angeles Review - Ruth Awad's Set to Music a Wildfire

Tinderbox Poetry Journal - Hadara Bar Nadav's The New Nudity

The Los Angeles Review - Carly Joy Miller's Like a Beast


The Tin Lunchbox - Cody Smith's Delta Summers


Tinderbox Poetry Journal - Michael Shewmaker's Penumbra

The Los Angeles Review - Kevin Rabas's Late for Cymbal Line


The Los Angeles Review - Jenny Molberg's Marvels of the Invisible

Entropy Magazine - Matthew Cooperman's Spool

selected press

The Acadiana Advocate - 2019 Festival of Words Feature

McNeese State University - Article about the 2019 Festival of Words

Goodreads - Review of Against the Dark

McNeese State University - Press Release about Driving Together

Glassworks - Review of Driving Together

Entropy Magazine - Review of Consolation Prize

The Chapbook Interview - Interview about Consolation Prize

River City Poetry - Review of Traumas

Yellow Flag Press - Traumas publication announcement 

The Tin Lunchbox - Review of First Breaths of Arrival 

River City Poetry - Review of First Breaths of Arrival 

The Chapbook Interview - Interview about Chapbook Themes

MockingHeart Review - Interview about First Breaths of Arrival

The Tin Lunchbox - Podcast interview