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New Semester, New Faces, New Projects

So, the new semester is upon us! Several developments are in the offing, are lurking around the corner, are breathing down our...well, you get the idea.

For starters, there are new MFA students at McNeese State University! Not only are there four talented new poets and four new fiction writers in the program, but this means I'm a s-s-second year already! When the heck did that happen?? I'm looking forward to working with the new folks, several of whom are working on projects already.

Soon I'll begin my new semester's work: writing, reading, attending classes, and reviewing as many great new books as I can get my mitts on (if you think of any titles I should pursue, drop me a line in the CONTACT section!).

My partner and wife Alex is beginning her second semester as an MFA candidate in Studio Art at Louisiana State University, too. This is a time of excitement and quaking nerves--but we'll keep up the momentum. Stay tuned for updates as the weeks go on...

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